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 What’s So Great about WITEO?

Superior results in the comfort of your home, without causing the sensitivity of other systems. Our customers report much better results, both short-term, and long-term, using our products vs. the other options on the market. Our results can be compared more to a $500-1000 dentist treatment, at a fraction of the cost and done in the comfort of your home. (approx. CA$632.15)

How Do I Use WITEO Teeth Whitening Kit?

Apply the whitening serum using the brush tip applicator onto your teeth. Then, put in your mouthpiece and connect to start the whitening session. After whitening, rinse your mouth and the mouthpiece with warm water. You do not need to avoid coffee, tea, or soda after whitening with WITEO.

We recommend brushing before you whiten and you may whiten for as long as 30-minutes per session, two times per day for faster results.

You may need to twist the whitening wand 20-30 times for the first use in order for the whitening gel to come out

Store the whitening wands in the fridge to help them maintain their strength.


Is This Safe?

Yes, using WITEO is safe and as long as you follow the plan, you will be very happy with your celebrity-grade smile. We don't use dangerous chemicals and never test on animals.

How long can I see the effect?

Generally, you can see the whitening effect in 3/5 days, and you can have a good whitening experience in about 10 days.


Who can use this device?

Don't use it for a pregnant woman and children, patients with severe periodontitis, those who have recently had oral surgery, broken teeth, and those with cracked teeth should use it with caution.


Can I use products such as porcelain teeth, tooth decay and braces? How's the effect?

The product has no effect on porcelain teeth, or the effect is very weak. The use of the product will not harm the porcelain teeth products. Generally, the tooth decay needs to be repaired before the gel can be used, otherwise, the gel will enter the palm through the tooth decay, causing tooth pain and sensitivity.

It's not recommended for patients with orthodontics if the tooth fixation glue is on the outside of the tooth, and it can be used on the inside of the tooth.

What can I do if the gums turn white?

Try to use 1 ml each time. If gum whitening occurs it's recommended to stop using it, but this whitening can also be restored in 2/3 days.

Use it after the gums recover, and control each dosage.


What can I do if I have tooth sensitivity?

Although a large amount of data proves that this product has a low probability of tooth sensitivity in tooth whitening, if you have tooth sensitivity it's recommended to stop using it for 1/2 days, and the sensitivity will naturally disappear. You can continue to use it after recovery.



How do I contact you?

Simply send an email to witeo@witeo.ca and we will contact you within 24 hours!


How can I change or cancel my order?

Send an email as soon as possible to witeo@witeo.ca. State your order number in the first email so that we can be of service immediately.

Please note that orders cannot be changed or cancelled once they have already been sent.


I have not received a confirmation email. What can I do?

First, view your unwanted advertising inbox. If the e-mail also does not appear there, you can always contact us so that we can still send you the e-mail!



Do I have to pay for the shipping costs?

Nope! We pay for the shipping costs in the US & Canada :)

We do our best to have the best rate from our courier to ship for the rest of the world.


Can I track my order?

Absolutely! Simply enter your tracking code on the tracking page on our website. If you cannot find your tracking code, you can always contact us.


I have not received any tracking information!

First, view your unwanted advertising inbox. If it is not included, you can of course always contact us :)




How can I pay?

You can pay with a credit card. All payments are completed in a 100% SSL-secured payment environment.




Can I return the WITEO if I’m not satisfied?

Absolutely! Ordering from WITEO is 100% risk-free. You can therefore order the WITEO, try them out and return it free of charge within 30 days if you are not satisfied. Once we have received your return shipment, you will receive a full refund.

View our page on returns for more information.


How long does it take to get my money back?

As soon as we have received your package and everything turns out to be in order, you will receive the purchase amount back within 72 hours.




Does your device have a warranty?

WITEO warrants this device for a period of FIVE (5) YEARS after the original date of purchase against defects due to faulty workmanship or materials arising from Normal Use of the device.

The warranty covers working parts that affect the function of the device. It does NOT cover cosmetic deterioration caused by fair wear and tear, or damage caused by accident, misuse or neglect. Any attempt to open or take apart the device (or its accessories) will void the warranty. If you discover a defect and notify WITEO during the warranty period, WITEO will, at its discretion, replace the device free of charge.

Claims under warranty must be supported by reasonable evidence that the date of the claim is within the warranty period.

Any refunds given in full will void any warranty including any type of replacement.

To validate your warranty, please keep your original purchase receipt together with these warranty conditions for the duration of the warranty period. To claim your warranty, you must email witeo@witeo.ca for assistance. Shipping costs are non-refundable. This undertaking is in addition to your statutory rights as a consumer and does not affect those rights in any way.


Can I use a coupon during a discount event to get extra discount?
Coupons may not work during commercial events and shipping prices may change.